In 2004, Hallgartener Winzergenossenschaft began working with the international compliance auditing firm DQS to ensure the winery was in full compliance with the new International Food Standard (IFS) regulations recently adopted by the European Union. Hallgartener Weinkeller worked closely with DQS to upgrade the company's internal production systems, reduce any production inefficiencies, and ensure that cleanliness and hygiene targets set by the new regulations were being met.

In 2005 Hallgartener Weinkeller was awarded the first IFS Certificate of Compliance for a wine producer in the Rheingau region - and it did it by obtaining the highest rating possible. Through this IFS certification process customers can now rest assured that Hallgartener Weinkeller is in full compliance with some of the strictest food and beverage standards in the world, and will work hard to remain so in the future.