Our organization

With 180 member vineyards covering more than 60 hectares of land, an annual production of 600,000 liters, and over 100 years of winemaking experience, Hallgartener Weinkeller eG is one of the most efficient producers of wine in the Rheingau area. Today, Hallgartener Weinkeller is working hard to meet the needs of a rapidly changing industry. It begins with well-cared-for vineyards. Grapes are harvested by hand to minimize damage. The grapes are then processed and the grape "must" carefully transferred from press to tank in order to capture as much of the character of the fruit as possible.

To make a balanced, fruit-forward wine, the grape must is cooled to 18° C and remains that way for at least two weeks to allow for a slow and measured fermentation. This process, coupled with the use of the finest yeasts available, captures and refines the delicate aroma of the grape. Wines made by Hallgartener Winzergenossenschaft are characterized by a high percentage of fructose, a touch of natural carbonation, and the wonderful aromatic components common to white wines from this area. A touch of residual sugar left after final fermentation brings out the best in these highly aromatic and fruit-forward wines.